Photo courtesy of SARAS SpA, Sarroch Refinery, Italia

In October 2015, EPS Customer Solutions celebrates 5 year Anniversary! 

In October 2015, EPS Customer Solutions celebrates 5 year Anniversary!

Over the last 5 years EPS Customer Solutions has successfully grown the customer base, services portfolio and delivered many valuable services to customers.

We would like to thank our customers, partners and consultants who contributed to this success.

We are looking forward to continue to provide our Effective Profitable and Sustainable services.

A selection of our activities in 2015 is:

  • EPS workshop on the Light Ends process facilities delivered for a customer in Switzerland. 
  • EPS remote monitoring program on HF Alkylation process unit for a customer in the UK.
  • EPS Furnace Combustion efficiency training course delivered to 5 operator shifts for a customer in Belgium.
  • EPS Root Cause Analysis Investigation on a HV fire incident for customer in Belgium.
  • EPS HF Alkylation process unit maximum capacity field trial in one of the customer refineries.
  • EPS Logistics Review for a major transport of oil products for a governmental organization in the Netherlands.
  • EPS Amine system process optimization and detailed study for a customer in Germany.
  • EPS Sulphur Process units review for a customer in the Far East.
  • EPS Amine Treating and Sulphur Recovery processes training for a customer in the Far East.
  • EPS participated in the 9th Global Refinery Summit in the Hague, the Netherlands and presented on Margin Optimization through Hydrocarbon and Energy Efficiency Management.
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