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EPS Customer Solutions, the independent consultancy firm for the downstream oil sector, completes a successful year with strategic and business consulting activities to downstream refining customers

EPS Customer Solutions, the independent consultancy firm for the downstream oil sector, completes a successfull year with strategic and business consulting activities to downstream refining customers.

Strategy Consulting

In 2013 some key deliveries to downstream refining customers were:

  • A Strategic Masterplan study to meet more stringent Gasoil product quality specifications
  • A crude feedstock evaluation of alternative crude oil types for Bitumen processing
  • Development of a Refinery Business Plan for a grassroots refinery project.
  • Delivery of a Hydrocarbon Margin Improvement Program with a joined team EPS refinery staff. The program consisted of a Supply & Demand review with Marketing, Supply & Trading and a Hydrocarbon Margin Improvement Review of the refinery, screening and development of selected implementation proposals in excess of 1 USD/bbl.

Business Consulting

In 2013 EPS acquired new customers in Europe and Middle East. Some key business consulting activities were:

  • Refinery Business Process Reengineering program with a Lean Six Sigma Consultant
  • 2 Laboratory audit reviews of management and work processes
  • Root cause analysis of a Furnace Fire incident, Thermal Cracker Furnace coking incident, Corrosion at HF Alkylation Unit
  • Operational review of a Sulphur Plant
  • Refinery Specific Training for certain Process Units : e.g. Reformer, Isomerisation, Visbreaking

During the year EPS provided remote helpdesk services on a variety of technical and operational issues.

About EPS Customer Solutions B.V.

EPS was founded in 2010 by former Shell employees with a broad experience in the downstream oil sector. The consultancy firm is a source of world class expertise in various strategic, operational and technical disciplines. A unique differentiator is that EPS consultants have operated refineries for many years, and quickly understand customer challenges and opportunities and propose practical solutions.

EPS supports refiners to (re)define their strategic direction and to optimize their full margin potential. The improvement programs focus on improving the hydrocarbon margin and routine & turnaround maintenance optimisation. They include a rigorous and proven way to validate and quantify the identified benefits.

Root cause analysis support is provided to help clarifying possible causes of incidents.
On request coaching and refinery specific training courses are provided to increase refinery staff professional experience and competencies and to have access to EPS world class expertise.

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