New customer and EPS services

New customer

EPS has signed a consultancy agreement with two new customer refineries in Oman. This agreement covers the provision of technical and consultancy services from world-class experts covering all aspects of refinery technology and operation, HSE, asset management, energy and margin improvement. Currently EPS has active agreements of this kind with 14 refinery customers. 

EPS Helpdesk service in 2017

EPS is offering a Helpdesk service to their customers. The customer can ask an ad-hoc question related to the operation or performance of their process units, utility system or off-sites. EPS will endeavour to provide a written reply with 5 working days. The effort can vary from a few hours up to 40 hours of work by EPS consultants. Several customers make extensive use of this Helpdesk service. During 2017 two customer raised 10-20 and many others 1-10 Helpdesk questions. 

Remote monitoring of key process units

EPS is supporting some customers by remote monitoring of their key process units. This support offers an external expert review of the operation of the process units with the aim to identify medium and long term threats for the operational availability as well as opportunities for improvement. Currently EPS is providing remote monitoring support for two CCR Platformers and two HF Alkylation units of customer refineries.

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