Photo courtesy of SARAS SpA, Sarroch Refinery, Italia

Technology, quality, valuation and legislation

Opportunity or nuisance? Biofuels are a reality in our industry. The EU target is to cover 25% of the transport fuel market by 2030 by clean and CO2 efficient biofuels.

Second generation biofuels are hitting the market, and more technology will follow. Are you participating already? We can support you in development of Biomass to Liquids technologies. 

What we offer:

  • Second Generation Biomass to Liquids (BtL) Technology development 
  • Fisher Tropsch -diesel technology experience
  • Biomass Feedstock co-processing
  • Fuel Quality Assessment
  • Technology Assessment
  • Handling, Logistics and Blending
  • Fuel Pricing and Valuation
  • Regulatory Evaluation & Compliance