Photo courtesy of SARAS SpA, Sarroch Refinery, Italia

Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, Hydrocarbon Loss, Oil Accounting

Energy is your largest refinery cost component and energy efficiency improvement is doubtless a top priority. Can you accelerate this process to keep your assets competitive and compliant with new EU regulation?

Our consultants have extensive experience in energy improvement programs, energy benchmarking and design & implementation of Energy Management Systems.

What we offer:

  • Energy Management Health Check –  on-site structured assessment of Energy Management maturity
  • Preliminary Strategy Design Energy Management  - strategy design based on Health Check
  • Energy Management Strategy – Comprehensive design of Energy Management strategy
  • Energy and Loss Review – Integrated analysis of the Site’s Energy (heat, steam and power) and Loss performance against international benchmarks
  • Refinery Loss and Oil Accounting  Audit – a structured review of hydrocarbon loss and hydrocarbon accounting systems audit
  • Detailed Process Unit Energy Efficiency Review – a rigorous energy efficiency review for process units or process areas (process – utility systems).