Photo courtesy of SARAS SpA, Sarroch Refinery, Italia

Unit Performance, Product Quality, Supply Chain Optimization

May we challenge your Hydrocarbon Margin ? Have you captured all potential margin ? Can additional margin be generated with little effort and zero investment ?   

What we offer:

A Hydrocarbon Margin Review starts with a structured margin analysis of refinery operations and development of premises (market prices and constraints). In the next step we identify gaps and potential improvements which are ranked on costs, benefits and ease of implementation.


  1. Process Unit Performance
    1. Routing of Hydrocarbon streams
    2. Process Unit performance, target setting and monitoring
    3. Advanced process controls
    4. Premium product maximisation
  2. Product Handling
    1. Product Blending and Quality Management
    2. Hydrocarbon Stock Management
    3. Laboratory audit
  3. Supply Chain Optimization
    1. Supply & Operations Planning (business process review)
    2. Refinery Planning & Scheduling  (business process review)
    3. Basic Data Management
    4. Crude and Feedstock flexibility
    5. Margin Variance Analysis , LP Model review