Photo courtesy of SARAS SpA, Sarroch Refinery, Italia

Operations, Routine Maintenance & Turnaround Optimisation

Top performing refineries show site availabilities of more than 97%. Typically a minimum number of surprises are seen in maintenance expenditure – a major cost factor of the facility. The margin is optimised due to increased availability and controlled maintenance cost. 

By executing Operations and Maintenance Excellence we can meet the site’s objectives in terms of safety, reliability, cost and margin but also job satisfaction and productivity.

What we offer:

  1. Operations Management:
    1. Operating philosophy reviews and business process analysis
    2. Operability Management
    3. Operational Risk Management
  2. Asset Management – Routine and Turnaround maintenance
    1. Maintenance and Reliability Improvement (MRI): holistic strategic review of the site’ maintenance & reliability performance where opportunities for improvement of reliability and optimisation of maintenance costs are identified without jeopardizing the asset integrity. Implementation support.
    2. Maintenance Management: best practice areas including – maintenance organisation (e.g. planning and operator tasks), contracting ( e.g. contractor cost control) , material management and maintenance workforce productivity (e.g. hands on tool time)
    3. Turnaround Management : to improve turnaround performance by leadership coaching and strategy, scope and readiness review workshops with turnaround team  
    4. Chemical decontamination practices
  3. Commissioning and Start-up
    1. Process unit “cold eyes” or readiness reviews prior to start-ups
    2. Advice on flawless startup