Photo courtesy of SARAS SpA, Sarroch Refinery, Italia

Troubleshooting, Routine Visits, Remote Helpdesk, New Initiatives

Process Technical Optimisation support are technical services customised to your needs to generate more value from your process unit and equipment on the short term.     

What we offer:

Process Technical Support includes Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis, Operating Reviews and Routine Visits, development of new initiatives including conceptual design /process optimisation studies and remote Helpdesk support. The services are delivered via a Service Agreement.

The following process units/technologies are covered by our consultants:

  • Distillation
  • Catalytic Reformers
  • Alkylation
  • Isomerisation Units
  • Hydrotreatment
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking
  • Hydrocracking
  • Residue Hydroprocessing
  • Thermal Conversion
  • Bitumen Process
  • Base Oil
  • Gasification and Hydrogen Manufacturing
  • Gas/Liquid Treating, Liquid/Liquid Treating and Sour Water Treatment
  • Sulphur Recovery
  • Combustion and Heat Transfer
  • Energy Systems, Cogeneration and Utilities
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Gas To Liquids Conversion (Fisher Tropsch)
  • Biomass Conversion (BTG, BTL)
  • Laboratory Technology