Photo courtesy of SARAS SpA, Sarroch Refinery, Italia

Onsite, process unit specific training to Operators & Technologists.

Experience shows that “adequate” training is an essential ingredient for the realization and sustaining of a motivated, confident workforce with a "can do" mentality. Within EPS, "adequate" training is specifically designed to match the Client situation and specific training needs.

EPS has conducted a number of on-site training courses on specific process units for Operators, Supervisors and Process Technologist staff. Clients reactions are very enthusiastic and value is fully realized. Client response surveys show several requests to conduct similar training courses on other process units at the client sites.

What we offer:

Our training courses are given on the Client site and customized to the needs of each Refinery to train personnel how to operate their own process units or use business processes to capture maximum value. 

EPS Customer Solutions specific process unit training covers:

  • Description of Process Unit technology including normal operating conditions
  • Feed characterisation and effect of feed -contaminants on process operation and performance
  • Process variables
  • Process Flow Scheme and explanation of the Process Control philosophy
  • Process Unit Key Performance Indicators
  • Performance monitoring best practises
  • Energy consumption and environmental emissions 
  • Process Unit safeguarding 
  • Operating procedures: start-up, shut-down, catalyst change, decoking etc.

We deliver training on the following areas:

  • Process safety
  • Process unit operation
  • Crude scheduling, blending and product quality
  • LP modelling and scheduling
  • Refinery Economics
  • Energy Management
  • Hydrocarbon Loss management
  • Hydrocarbon Oil Accounting 
  • Management of turnarounds