Photo courtesy of SARAS SpA, Sarroch Refinery, Italia

Investment Masterplanning, Short and Long Term Project Economic analysis

Our Investment Planning Services support you in developing a medium/long term investment strategy and the development/selection of preferred refinery configuration(s) which are feasible, economically attractive and robust to meet future challenges of the market, environmental emission legislation and compliance. 

What we offer:

We use a 3 step approach to develop an Investment Masterplan with our Clients:

  • Vision and Premises setting
  • Base Case definition, Minimum Investment Case and Options Development
  • Economic Options Evaluation and Recommendation


We use a refinery simulation tool which will be adapted to your unique situation. This model evaluates the Base Case, Minimum Investment Case and the Options for operating modes and investments. It is based on a deterministic approach, which gives more transparancy in the refinery unit mass balances and product qualities than a traditional LP. This leads to good understanding of the various evaluated options. The LP can be used to check the direction and consistency of the various solutions. Specific simulation models for eg. co-generation integration will be used on an as needed basis.