Photo courtesy of SARAS SpA, Sarroch Refinery, Italia

Upstream surface processing plants, Power, Petrochemcials

This sector covers companies working in oil & gas related process industries, such as Petrochemicals, Power but also Upstream Surface Facilities. These players follow similar business processes for Energy Management and Operational Efficiency, Maintenance and Turnarounds and Capital allocation.

What we offer:

EPS Customer Solutions helps clients to find answers to the toughest challenges they face and supports them to make them fit for survival in the uncertain future. Oil & Gas related industries may benefit from cross fertilisation by applying our best practises obtained from the high standards in the refining industry.

Our Services are focusing on

  • Operations Improvement: Short-term support to capture the maximum margin potential available at the current site and to identify margin improvement at low costs; 
  • License to Operate: to combat the stringent legislation and low carbon policy goals;
  • Strategy: to design a route-map for future investment or business activities to prepare the asset for the future.